Defy Community

Do more than land a job. Leverage your skills and talents to personally transform your life. Create a profitable (and legal!) enterprise to sustain yourself and your family over time.

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If you’ve profited from the wisdom of great mentors and have a passion for helping others do the same, then you’ll have a powerful and rewarding volunteer experience with Defy.

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Family & Friends Program

Provide support to a family member or loved one who is enrolled as an EIT at Defy by receiving access to helpful resources, encouraging them to succeed and joining Defy’s community of Family & Friends Program members.

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Transform Your Hustle

Defy Ventures transforms the lives of business leaders and people with criminal histories through their collaboration along the entrepreneurial journey. We harness the natural talents of formerly incarcerated individuals and redirect them toward the creation of profitable and legal business ventures.


Shatter perceptions

Defy provides intensive personal and leadership development, competition-based entrepreneurship training, executive mentoring, financial investment, and business incubation. By engaging top corporate executives, investors and entrepreneurs nationally, Defy creates the conditions to stimulate broad scale personal and economic opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals, and shatters perceptions about one of the most openly condemned and overlooked populations in America.